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Generations ago, the humans of Malachite Reach and the gnolls of Vaz Grizol Kadh began to spread inward to the center of the continent, seeking to claim more space for their own. In the decades long war of attrition that followed, both sides suffered heavy casualties but neither was willing to give up what they viewed as their territory.

Until the Last Stand.

By all accounts it should have been little more than a minor skirmish, until a clash between spellcasters caused an arcane meltdown that carved the continent in two with the violent formation of a massive chasm known as The MarrowScar. The war ceased. Both sides retreated, and the MarrowScar became a no-man's land, a cursed border that the humans avoided and the gnolls guarded carefully for centuries.

Recently, the spread of the Empire of the Burning Eye to the north, growing levels of dissent within the gnolls to the west, and human reclamation of the territory near the MarrowScar to build a railroad to their farthest frontier towns are causing tensions to flare once more.

Things are different now, though. The MarrowScar has done more than split the continent. What will happen? Well that is up to you.

MarrowScar is a setting zine built to be used with d20-based systems, specifically built with 5e and Pathfinder 1e in mind. This zine is a love letter to the desert (mostly of the southwestern US), to monsters who don't turn out to be that monstrous (and those who do), to dreams of going on grand explorations of untamed wilderness and finding a place all your own to build a life in, and to good good eldritch undertones. It was inspired by the weird western and revisionist western genres (including the movies Wild Wild West, True Grit, 3:10 to Yuma, The Quick and the Dead, and the Syfy series Wynonna Earp), and adventure exploration stories (such as the Indiana Jones movies, and The Librarians movies and series), as well as good old-fashioned folk stories and tall tales.


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